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ICanGiveYouHouse - Faux No - Velma Kelly

Undoubtedly one of my favorite production duos out there, Kito & Reija Lee just released their first single under their new collaborative project Faux No. With Kito masterminding the beats and Reija Lee providing vocals, the two Aussie’s continue to make concrete tracks in the male-dominated industry of electronic music production. Collaborating first in 2009 on the cutting-edge ‘LFO’, the duo has since churned out a stellar array of hits, including their Sweet Talk EP, their single ‘Run For Cover’, and a magnificent remix of Spor’s (a.k.a. Feed Me) last release, ‘Pacifica’.

Taking the latter part of 2011 to work on separate projects (most notably Kito’s collaborative release with Feadz on the impregnable Ed Banger Records), they have once again reunited to put out their newest single, ‘Velma Kelly’. “A bass infused pop tune, it highlights both Maaike’s [Kito] bombast percussion style with Reija’s melodic vocals.”

Accompanying the single are two eclectic remixes from Feadz and Slick Shoota as well as a finely tailored black & white music video, directed by Melodie Roulaud.

Grab ‘Velma Kelly’ on iTunes now.

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