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Some work in support of my DYCP funding application.
Fragments  (3 min 40 sec)

Fragments is a portrait of Fleur Bloemsma, a trans non-binary artist, who takes us on an introspective journey through their body and the meanders of their mind. It explores how we talk about and represent the body and the self and questions the body and mind connection and discusses physical attributes and bodily experiences as manifestations of our identities.

Mélodie explains: “ I feel that the immaterial aspects of our bodies are rarely meaningfully represented. With Fragments, we explore ways to represent the mind as a binding agent of often fragmented body parts.”

Concept: Rhona Ezuma and Mélodie Roulaud / Director: Mélodie Roulaud / DOP: Anna Gudbrands / Edit and sound design: James Crosland-Mills / Styling/costume: Rhona Ezuma / Gaffer: Will Burgass / Assistant director: Larissa Robertson /  Colourist: Alex Long / Production: Sliced Studio

@one is a test shoot exploring the desire to melt with nature comprising of portraits taken in a studio in London and images documenting natural elements exposed to the ferocious easterly levante winds in the South of Spain. It opposes the softness of natural elements controlled by human and the roughness of nature unbinded.

Styling by Elisabeth Lennard
Floral stylist Sonia Danischewski
Studio @anomalous_collective
Nowness - Skin  (3 min 53 sec)

London-based French director Mélodie Roulaud captures women’s real-life relationships with their wardrobes. Skin seeks to move the conversation from how clothes look to how clothes feel. It enters a voyeuristic realm of stranger’s relationships with the – often overlooked – sensory aspects of garments. The film’s narration is based on testimony with a diversity of women who evoke the pleasure, pain, shimmer and irritation of clothes on every part of ourselves. Skin offers an intimate, personal but also collective sensory experience.

Director and concept:  Melodie Roulaud / Exec producer: Jack Laurance Producer and Clare Gibson / Production manager: Anna Cartwright / D.O.P: Luke Jacobs / Commissioner: Avi Grewal / Stylist: Ruth Higginbotham / Make up artist: Lucy Joan Pearson / Hair artist: Cathy Ennis Editor / Lucy Berry @ Final Cut Offline producer:  Frankie Elster / Sound designer: Rowan Jennings
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